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EQFLOWERS , of Quito , Ecuador , was founded as an innovative alternative. We have developed a high quality level of service which has allowed us to become an excellent option for buyers of flowers worldwide.


Due to the consistency in our work over the years, we have gained extensive knowledge in procurement processes, logistics and consolidation, enabling us to deliver a level of service with international quality standards .


This combination of quality standards and excellence in service focused on the specific needs of our customers guarantees total satisfaction.




























































Our experience allows us to offer the following services:


The purchase of cut flowers from prestigious flower farms in Ecuador, with whom we maintain a list of business partners , enabling our customers to access over 300 different rose varieties and over 40 varieties of summer flowers at competitive prices. This is done in a timely manner.


The support big orders and last minute purchases for important events.


The continuous updating of market conditions , in terms of new varieties , prices and daily availability.


The existence of specialized quality control techniques based on the strictest requirements placed on cut flowers for export and strictest requirements demanded by our customers.


The regular production farm visits to ensure high quality of growing and harvest processes.